1. Prime 100-140t/h

This is a highly mobile plant that operates on a continuous mixing principle. The filling and mixing times can be set via a plant control system. The capacity is between 100t/h and 140t/h. The dryer is separate from the mixer and this provides a great advantage during the mixing process. The dryer mixer connects directly to the dryer, which continuously fills it with minerals, filler and binding agent. The mixer then empties directly onto a lorry. The whole plant is easy to use, safe and fully computer controlled.

2. ColdMix 130-400t/h

ColdMix is a continuous asphalt plant that applies the principle of cold asphalt mixing. The ColdMix is growing in popularity due to significant available energy savings. The ColdMix asphalt plant has a capacity between 130t/h and 400t/h. The ColdMix II is a highly mobile asphalt plant. The entire facility is located in several mobile units.

3. ContiMix 120-320t/h

The ContiMix is a static plant that combines the best of both types of continuous mixing. The plant has a continuous mixer that ensures high quality and homogenous asphalt. Separating the heating and mixing process allows for easy, accurate and direct addition of minerals to the mixer. Minerals from the dryer are continuously supplied via the hot elevator to the mixer along with filler and binding agents. The ContiMix asphalt plant has a ready-mix silo, and there are two versions of this plant’s capacity: 1. a mixer located on the ready-mix silo and 2. a mixer located near the ready-mix silo where the mix is fed into the silo via a conveyor belt. The start up and shut down costs do not include the loss of material and this helps to reduce production costs to a minimum. The Plant is mobile and has a capacity between 120t/h and 320t/h.