Cyclical asphalt plants are sub-divided into three categories. Within each category are several types of plants that differ in complexity of installation and capacity:

1. JustBlack 80-240t/h

The JustBlack Asphalt Plant is a static plant that can be mounted on a concrete or metal base. It is a very efficient plant that is also has a low purchase price and its capacity ranges from 80t/h to 240t/h. Parts of the plant are made in Switzerland and Germany and conform to the highest standards. The installation is extremely efficient with clearly defined options.

2. UniBatch 80-340t/h

A plant for the future, this is the latest innovation from AMMANN, and can be mounted on concrete or metal foundations. Its capacity ranges from 80t/h to 340t/h. It has an elegant design and conforms to the highest standards in the asphalt industry. It is easily upgradable with additional systems such as asphalt reclamation, foamed bitumen and polymer fibre.

3. Universal 160-360 t/h

The Universal Asphalt Plant is a static plant that is assembled exclusively on concrete foundations. This has been available on the market for many years and provides a wide variety of equipment for each customer. The plant is equipped with high-quality equipment and its capacity ranges from 240t/h to 360t/h. The plant is flexible and economical when used at maximum power.

To meet the market demand, the Universal NG (Next Generation) plant has been developed. This plant has been upgraded with a Universal plant version with an integrated cold form, asphalt reclamation system, which resulted in reduced dust emission and a shorter installation time.

In addition to the Universal NG plant is the Universal S. This type of plant has an integrated parallel dryer to use reclaimed asphalt in hot form. The plant, through optimisation of the flow of materials via an integrated parallel dryer, offers the chance to reclaim asphalt, which lowers the consumption of minerals for the production of asphalt mixtures.

4. Universal HRT 320/400 t/h

The Universal HRT is the most modern and best equipped facility with all additional systems. The Plant has been made to conform to the highest standards and includes an integrated system to use reclaimed, cold form asphalt, a system with a parallel dryer to reclaim asphalt in a hot form, a foamed bitumen system, a system for additional additives and a polymer fibre system. All systems are highly automated so they can be used individually or together. The capacity of this Plant is 340t/h to 400t/h. Due to the large number of additionally installed integrated systems it has a high utilisation of reclaimed asphalt and a very high profitability level.

5. SpeedyBatch 150-280 t/h

The SpeedyBatch Asphalt Plant is mounted on a metal foundation and is the only Plant offered that can be quickly mounted and dismounted. The Plant’s capacity is between 150t/h and 280t/h. The elements of the Plant are made in the shape of a container, while the cables and pneumatic tubes are made for quick assembly and disassembly.

6. SuperQuick 160-380 t/h

The SuperQuick Asphalt Plant has a capacity ranging from 160t/h to 280t/h. The Plant is suited to relocation because it is mounted on a metal foundation and is designed for quick assembly and disassembly. Transportation of the Plant does not require a large number of transport vehicles and its installation has been designed so that transportation can take place using the fewest possible number of vehicles.

7. BlackMove 160-320 t/h

The BlackMove is a mobile asphalt plant. The entire plant is mounted on a trailer and can be installed without the use of cranes. The plant has a capacity between 160t/h and 320t/h and is suited for rapid relocation. The plant also has an integrated lifting equipment plant.

8. EasyBatch 90-140t/h

The EasyBatch is a mobile unit with a capacity between 90t/h and 140t/h. The Plant can be mounted on 3m trailers and is perfect for relocation. Assembly and disassembly does not require a crane.